June 28, 2009

Volunteer Groups Wanted!

If you and your local organization would like to host an event to support The Tag Project, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can create a kit that would include up to 4000 tags, stamps, inkpads, posters, and databases. I am willing to ship kits like these anywhere in the continental US and Hawaii. I have sent these to Pilgrimages and Camp Reunions.

I am also willing to travel to the Los Angeles Area to participate in these events. The event will also include a presentation of how I came to this project as an artist, and how other artists have inspired me. In San Diego we are planning four events in the next two months, to take place at the Ocean View Pioneer United Church, Buddhist Temple of San Diego, The Japanese Friendship Garden/Craft Group, and San Diego State University's Asian Pacific Student Alliance.

I am also interested in involving other college Nikkei Groups and Asian American Student Organizations.

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