June 29, 2009

"Tag Project" at Minidoka Pilgrimage 2009

The Tag Project was at the Minidoka Pilgrimage, June 26-28 2009, thanks to Roger Shimomura, who had the daunting task of hauling my tags to the pilgrimage from Kansas, printing and delegating names to volunteers, stamping tags...

"...I got 4 hours of sleep each night of the pilgrimage working on this but still attended all the mandatory sessions. 3 of us sacrificed the social event to stamp, stamp, stamp. Everyone....was extremely supportive of your project and hoped that they would be informed of its eventual future...."

Thank you, Roger for overseeing this, and thank you to all at Minidoka who helped!! Roger was going to send me names of the new volunteers, and I will be posting this to this website as soon as possible!!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!

Roger Shimomura's work has inspired me for a long time. He is one of few contemporary Japanese American artists who have embraced the pain of internment. I am deeply honored to have Roger's help in this project.

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