February 9, 2011

Strange side effect

Ok so I am experiencing a mild form of depression now that I am finished with the Tag Project.

After spending nearly two years working with a large corps of volunteers and seeing some favorite people on a regular basis, I am suddenly left with an odd sense of completion and emptiness!!

I remember jumping for joy when the last tag was afixed to the last grouping and then suddenly stopping and thinking - wait. You mean its over? It almost feels like the end of a wild roller coaster ride.

It's not over though. I have thoughts to share as I move forward on the "EO 9066" series. buying a big roll of tar paper and a buncha nails. trolling ebay for artifacts. lining up a schedule.

I am also back at SDSU teaching in the Spring, so that brings some activity and distraction to my newfound depression!

Stay tuned, it ain't over yet.

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